Maintaining a HIPAA Compliant Infrastructure

Innovativ IT is currently helping many small to medium sized businesses in Houston design, deploy and maintain their computer networks while building in regulatory compliance standards from the foundation.  For existing networks that we upgrade and or manage, we ensure that their new systems are compliant as well as their legacy systems.

Innovativ IT employs security benchmarks published by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).  The CIS is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help organizations reduce the risk of business and e-commerce disruptions resulting from inadequate technical security controls. The standards are developed by consensus with the help of the user community and are based on current recognized best practices for deployment, configuration and operation of networked systems. While at BindView and later Symantec, I was directly involved in establishing these technical standards and their implementation into the Symantec products, as well as helping clients (Fortune 100 and US Government) maintain compliance by measuring their IT infrastructure environments against these standards.

Innovativ IT is currently working with many Houston healthcare organizations to update their IT infrastructure, moving them out of the paper age and into the digital age.  In doing so, we are establishing and maintaining HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance from the start.  Through the end of 2010, we will be offering a free initial Compliance Audit for any organization.  Call to set up your appointment today!


Submitted by Tom Duke, CEO at Innovativ IT Services (Dec., 2010)

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