Ransomware is No Joke!

Ransomware is no joke, especially when it comes to Cryptolocker and Cryptowall. These menacing malware programs not only encrypt files on the infected PC, but will also encrypt on network drives mapped to servers. We’ve seen cases where more than 100,000 documents were encrypted.



It is imperative that all PCs on the network are protected with a quality anti-virus solution. It is equally important that there are frequent and reliable backups being made of the data, ideally real-time replication of the data to the cloud.

It really is viscous stuff, and mafia-like in it’s shrewdness.  The truth of the matter though, is the decrypt process seems to work, as long as a list of provisions are met (reliable power for all infected systems, reliable LAN connectivity, reliable internet connectivity, etc.).  Paying these heartless bastards is painful, but it often works when there’s no other option for getting the data back.


For more technical details on Cryptolocker, visit this Symantec URL:


Submitted by Tom Duke, CEO at Innovativ IT Services (Feb, 2015)

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