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Semicolons: they’re kind of a big deal.

Completely underrepresented and under-appreciated. And totally responsible for me working here. Hello everyone, I work for Innovativ IT Services. I’m somewhat new here, as is our blog. We’re located in Houston, Texas and we’re small. A start-up actually. And our team is killer. We have officially been open since April and have already done some impressive work. Ask us about it or talk to our partners if you’re looking for some unbiased thoughts. We’re rolling things out quickly and surely, doing it right the first time. Who are we? I’m glad you asked. Innovativ IT is your locally owned, all-inclusive IT firm. Your one stop shop for anything tech related including network engineering, security assessments or perfect semicolon prose.

You’re probably wondering how a piece of punctuation could lead to employment. Kind of like this: when Innovativ IT’s main brain, Tom Duke, and I were in initial discussions, I noted the consistent and perfect use of the semicolon in our correspondence. Obviously, I have a  weird obsession with punctuation (spelling too, but that’s for another day), which I directly relate to intelligence and ambition, and I thought to myself, now here’s someone I want to work with. My first impressions were right; Tom Duke is intelligent and ambitious and I’m lucky to be working alongside such talented people.

Welcome to our new blog. If you have any IT needs or just want to get smart about anything information technology, we’re here for you.

We’re young, we’re fresh and we’re local. Come meet us.



Submitted by Jessica Griffin, Innovativ IT Services (Dec., 2010)